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In 2017 Breyer purchased the North American distribution rights to some CollectA's existing models and has released these models under the "Corral Pals" label. They are the same as CollectA's issues and bear the same model numbers. Each of these releases is indicated below as "Corral Pals" and have both a "Breyer by CollectA" hang tag and a "Breyer" stamp on the belly. Note: CollectA will re-use the same name on different molds, such as with the Hedgehog. I have labeled these molds I, II, etc. to avoid confusion but this is not an official designation.

The photos below are thumbnails. Clicking on an image will open a larger version of that image. Clicking on a mold name will take you to that mold page.

Thumbnail Mold Name   Thumbnail Mold Name   Thumbnail Mold Name
Barn Owl
Corral Pals
  Hedgehog I  

Red Squirrel
Corral Pals
  Hedgehog II
Corral Pals

Red Squirrel Eating
Black-Backed Jackal   Himalayan Tar  

Corral Pals
Brown Hare   Rabbit   Tadjik Markhor
Capybara   Red Deer Calf I   Timber Wolf Howling
Corral Pals
Capybara Babies   Red Deer Calf II   Timber Wolf Hunting
Common Otter   Red Deer Hind I   Wild Boar
Dartmoor Pony I   Red Deer Hind II   Wild Piglet - Eating
Dartmoor Pony II   Red Deer Stag I   Wild Piglet - Walking
Dartmoor Pony III  

Red Deer Stag II   Wild Sow
Eurasian Badger  

Red Fox
Corral Pals
  Woodland Caribou
Corral Pals
Fallow Deer            

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