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New for 2019

The following models will be released during 2019.

Photo Number Name Series
84131 Cattle Yard Set Farm Life
88839 Caiuajara with Movable Jaw Prehistoric Life
88840 Edaphosaurus Prehistoric Life
88841 Borealpelta Prehistoric Life
88842  Carnotaurus Prehistoric Life
88843 Quarter Horse Mare
(Deluxe series)
Horse Life
88844 Timber Wolf Howling  
88845 Timber Wolf Hunting  
88846 American Cream Draft Stallion Horse Life
88847 Russian Don Mare Horse Life
88848 Knabtrupper Foal Horse Life
88849 Unicorn Stallion Blue  
88850 Zebra Foal  
88851 King Crab  
88852 White Rhinoceros  
88853 Unicorn Mare  
88854 Unicorn Foal Walking  
88855 Unicorn Foal Rearing  
88856 Baryonyx with Movable Jaw
(Deluxe series)
Prehistoric Life
88857 Fukuiraptor Prehistoric Life
88858 Elasmotherium
(Deluxe series)
Prehistoric Life
88859 Indian Crested Porcupine  
88860 Hereford Cow  
88861 Hereford Bull  
88862 Minke Whale Sea Life
88863 Sow  
88864 Boar  
88865 Dama Gazelle Wild Life
88866 African Leopard Wild Life
A1100 Box of Mini Prehistoric Mammals Prehistoric Life
A1184 Pre-Historic Play Set Prehistoric Life

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