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New for 2018

The following models have been released in 2018.

Photo Number Name Series
A1109 Box of Mini Horses Horse Life
A1110 Box of Mini Farm Animals Farm Life
88813 Morgan - bay (Deluxe scale) Horse Life
88814 Quarter Horse Foal - red bay Horse Life
88815 Friesian Foal Horse Life
88819 Belgian Mare - chestnut Horse Life
88820 Falabella Mare - palomino Horse Life
88826 Icelandic Stallion Horse Life
Warmblood Stallion - bay Horse Life

88810 Mantellisaurus Drinking Prehistoric Life
88811 Sciurumimus Prehistoric Life
88812 Iguanodon Prehistoric Life
88816 Estemmenosuchus (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88817 Dunkleosteus (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88818 Ceratosaurus (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88821 Mapusaurus with Movable Jaw (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88822  Dimetrodon (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88825 Brontosaurus Prehistoric Life
88828 Gomphotherium (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88838 Feathered T-Rex Roaring with Movable Jaw (Deluxe scale) Prehistoric Life
88834 Blue Whale II Sea Life
88835(?) Sperm Whale Sea Life
88836 Grey Whale Sea Life
88823 Bongo Calf Wild Life
88824 African Civet Wild Life
88829 Pére David's Deer Wild Life
88830 Common Zebra II Wild Life
88831 Ring-Tailed Lemur Wild Life
88832 White-Tailed Deer Wild Life
88837 Musk Ox Bull Wild Life

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